Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Aug 3, 2011 - Crafts are for Grown-Ups

Back from a brief but refreshing break from the shop, I'm busy putting together the fall workshop schedule. The kids are getting their turn with Wise Daughters' summer craft and knitting camps, but the rest of the year is all about the adults.

This is my favourite part of the job, and the reason I opened the shop. I wanted to foster creativity by providing a welcoming space where everybody could try handmaking without breaking the bank or making a huge commitment of time. To that end, all of Wise Daughters workshops are either one-offs, or a short series of 2 - 4 sessions, supplies are always included, and previous experience is never required (except for the odd knitting or crochet project).

I keep track of all the suggestions people make, and try to squeeze as many into the calendar as possible. Some favourites will be back this fall, like knitting, crochet and felting (the ever-hilarious moose head trophy class). Silkscreening was a hit last spring and will return, and lino-cut printing will be on offer for the first time. Bookbinding is on the roster, and mosaics will be back after a long hiatus.

And for something completely different, I'm very excited to invite people to join a weekly hand drumming class (I did it myself in the spring and loved how it exercised my brain).

For crafters considering selling their handmade products, The Art of Selling and The Art of Marketing via Social Media return.

It's going to be crazy busy, and wildly creative, and I can't wait!

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  1. Would like more details on the hand-drumming class. Bev