Friday, 30 December 2011

Dec 30, 2011 - Year in Review

Craft fans, I haven't blogged much during the peak season, but here I am with an hour to spare before a dinner date, and some of the highlights of the past year at the shop are filling my head.  I always enjoy year-in-review articles, whether about news, culture, food, trends.  So here are some of my best experiences as the proprietor of Wise Daughters this year:

  • receiving $10 more than the ticket price for a ceramic bowl from Inspirations, because a customer felt it was undervalued
  • renting out my button-maker for uses as varied as the relaunch of Joel Richardson's mural on Dupont, the launch of Chris Kay Fraser's Toronto kiss map, and somebody's 75th birthday party
  • helping not one, but two husbands choose Wise Daughters classes for their wives for Christmas 
  • hearing that a baby who received a U Rock onesie from Wise Daughters appears in it in every photo
  • hosting various bouncy Sparks and Brownie troupes for crafting sessions
  • collaborating, communicating and sometimes commiserating with the lovely women behind Nathalie-Roze, Distill and Beadle 
  • handing out donated yarn to a local woman in her late 90s who returns it knit up into blanket squares and scarves for Streetknit
  • helping a brother and sister choose a really good present for their parents with their pooled coins totaling $14
  • making babies laugh with Banjo Puppets' hilarious popcorn monsters (including one wee boy who laughed for the first time here!)
  • making adults laugh with Coy Clothes' saucy, silly t-shirts
  • getting a note just today from somebody who loves her Wise Daughters sleep wear so much she hasn't taken them off for the better part of a week
  • serving ALL the wonderful people who choose to shop local
It's been a wonderful year. Here's to another (and another, and another).  

A very happy 2012.

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  1. **WHO** is your Customer giving out Extra $$ and can I have Their Clones!?? ;-D

    And Kudos to the Elderly Knitter!

    Hope You have an even better Year!!