Thursday, 7 July 2011

July 7, 2011 - The Things People Say

This blog post has nothing to do with the shop, though the story takes place during my ride home from work last night.  I just need to write it down to get it out of my system, and maybe to get others' thoughts.

So there I was, calmly riding south on Runnymede in the bike lane, when I was obstructed by a large white Mercedes SUV stopped not only in the bike lane, but in a construction zone, and maybe 50 meters from the intersection at Bloor. Altogether, about the most inopportune spot a person could find to stop.  Her window was wide open, so I sidled up and said (without raising my voice),

"Really? You chose this spot to park?"

The driver let out a squeak, as I had totally startled her.  This because she was absorbed in the task of clipping her toenails.  She was in her late 20s, very blond, and very tanned.  It would be a more interesting story if this Mercedes owning foot groomer was not such a cliche, but there you have it. 

The woman quickly regained her composure and screamed at me,

"Go fuck yourself, you dumb bitch!"

Now, maybe I've lived a sheltered life, but I don't recall anyone ever speaking to me like this before.  I don't think anyone has requested that I fuck myself within my hearing, and I'm sure I've never been called a bitch to my face.  It is one of my least favourite words.

I'm not offended so much as gobsmacked by this incident.  How is it that one person can address another like this?  Not in the throes of an impassioned political argument, say, but on the street, with the one in the wrong doing the yelling, to boot?


  1. Next time [Heaven forbid!] snap pics, including the Plate#! She was beyond illegally parked. -- hmmm, I'm surprised she wasn't on her Cell too - ToeTexting...

    Anyway, You'll have to have some good Retorts handy [..I probably would have just leered & said "Woof!", then driven off]... Or, a set of Keys...Better yet, a Nailfile! !

    Meanwhile, don't let it get to you... "Karma" will get back her in the form of FOOT FUNGUS!


  2. I wish I had calmly and quietly said, "How can you speak to me that way?" I feel like that would have been more effective than anything. But I was too stunned. Maybe nothing I could have said would have penetrated her shield of self-importance.