Friday, 3 February 2012

Feb 3, 2012 - Social Enterprise Meets Handmade

Wise Daughters was pleased to be approached a few weeks ago by Human Endeavour, a Vaughan area agency serving marginalized communities through a number of programs and initiatives.  One is Epic Mart, a "social enterprise incubator" that offers training, space, marketing and sales support to help people earn an income through craft. Wise Daughters now carries pillows made with beautiful fabrics, and unique hand-painted vases like these:

Social entrepreneurship is a growing sector. Inspirations Studio, a program of Sistering, operates using this same model; for 3 years, Wise Daughters has been selling gorgeous ceramics made by women who are overcoming poverty, homelessness or trauma.  The hottest item Wise Daughters has commissioned from Inspirations is this ceramic humidifier, a low-tech, free way to add moisture to homes heated by rads.

Find out more about both of these programs at and

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