Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sept 27, 2011 - Good Packaging

One of the topics I touch on in my Art of Selling workshops is packaging. This in the context of branding, but there are several other important considerations too, like choosing sustainable materials while creating a professional look.

I thought I'd take a minute to share a few really good examples.

1. Melissa of Ladeebee/Vintage Baby Revival has taken the humble luggage tag and turned it into an affordable, simple and eye-catching packaging tool.  She also uses them to tag her knitwear, so there is consistency.  Look how cute!  With very little effort, her product is ready to present as a gift.  The only info on the back is her website, which is really all that's required much of the time.

2. Adrianne of Vintage Love needs to go that extra step and put her switch plates in a small plastic bag to keep them clean and to enclose the accompanying screws, but the bag is just the size of the product to keep waste to a minimum.  What's fun about this packaging is the language on the back.  Adrianne lists ingredients, directions and the following tip: "Sit back relax and enjoy your fresh and funky piece of nostalgia!" 

3. Katie of Eclectic Media Artist makes owls so cute they pretty much sell themselves, but if a buyer needs a nudge, this is it: a simple cardboard tag that gives Katie's website and says "(happily) made in Canada."  Brilliant.  Suddenly the buyer is happy too. Made in Canada is a key message for artisans to share (or Made in Toronto if only locally available). 

4. Leila Cools puts her fused glass jewellery on simple cards, but creates a consistent and attractive look by fabricating her own stands for shows and shops.  Not only does a retailer like me appreciate a ready-to-go display, but it gives Leila control over her brand.  Repeat customers can see at a glance what they want.

The package needs to be an extension of the product in look and feel.  Using as few words and as little material as possible, you need to present your brand, make it easy to find you, and tell buyers what they need to know (contents, care, etc.).  The extra thought and time that goes into packaging will absolutely pay off.

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  1. Funny you posted this, as i am now packaging my buttons. Simply, but so you know where the button came from. People love it!