Monday, 13 June 2011

June 13, 2011 - Public Acts of Beauty

This past weekend marked both Worldwide Knit in Public Day and International Yarn Bombing Day. Wise Daughters celebrated both with a knitting party that brought out knitters for one of the most relaxed community events I've ever organized. Knitting is just so calming and lovely. Everybody should try it. A bunch of novices did just that, including one young man who decided to come see what it was all about, with a view to knitting his brother's new baby a blankie. People found him nearly as adorable as the 4 year-old who made yarn bracelets for the band (The Girls are Back in Town - a very talented group!).

This was the scene early in the afternoon. Note the green coverings on the traffic bollards. In the right foreground, you can see Dawn Juruc getting ready to attach the crowning glory of these yarnbombs - hot pink crocheted flowers. There is nothing I love more than a good yarnbomb. This anonymous, seemingly random act of beauty serves no purpose other than to bring pleasure to passers-by. What could be more perfect?

It's entirely possible people will not be able to resist taking these flowers home with them, so I encourage you to pass by 3079B Dundas West (facing Quebec Ave, south of the corner) asap!

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